Chinese Wand Exercises - Jiangan, the Chinese Health and Fitness Wand

Many people exercise to lose weight and get fit. Many more are looking for gentler forms of exercise like Tai Chi to reduce stress. But what if you want to practice a calming mind-body exercise and need to lose weight and get fit? Both are possible with a relatively obscure ancient Chinese system of health. Known as the `Chinese Wand Exercises' the system is a form of Chinese calisthenics / Qigong (breathing exercises) that balance and stimulates the flow of `qi' or life force along energy pathways. The exercise system was brought to the West in 1945 by American Bruce L Johnson. It is a calming therapy involving the manipulation of a light 4-foot pole, traditionally made of bamboo. Graduated, safe stretching and strengthening movements are performed in a meditative frame of mind with deep breathing.

The Book
As a Tai Chi practitioner and teacher for over 30 years I was so impressed with the art that I wrote a book in 2011 titled Jiangan - The Chinese Health Wand.

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